Meet Manna...

Whole food nutrition bars funding clean water solutions.

Each box  sends 800 liters of clean water to developing countries.


Meet Manna

Whole food nutrition bars made with raw and organic superfood ingredients. Free of refined sugars, artificial colors, and flavors, and created to deliciously fill common nutritional gaps found in the Standard American Diet.

·        Vegan

·        Gluten-Free

·        Paleo-Friendly

·        GMO-Free

·        Sustainably Sourced

Manna's Mission

As a brand, we are committed to bringing food and water to families and children in developing countries. A portion of each Manna Nutrition purchase will be used to fund short and long-term clean water, sanitation, and hygiene solutions.

Our backers have funded 50,000 liters of clean water with their Manna Bar purchases thus far!

what people are saying

Honestly the cacao cashew brownie is the best nutrition bar I've ever had. Make sure to try these from Manna Nutrition. Taste so good.


Vegan Take Over, @vegantake0ver

These delicious and nutritious bars are made with nature in mind. No fillers and no BS! So if you are on your health kick and want something sweet and satisfying without the guilt this is a great choice.

Krista, @kambyqt

A vegan, GMO free, gluten free, and Paleo-friendly bar to keep your hunger at bay when you’re on the go. My favorite is their Cacao Cashew Brownie Bar, which tastes as decadent as it is healthy.

Candace Moore, @yogabycandace

Absolutely obsessed with these Manna Nutrition bars right now. Great source of protein for a perfect snack on the go. I've also been melting them in the microwave and they taste like brownie batter!

Alice, @thepaleopeach

I need to find more of the cherry almond chocolate chip. It’s so delicious! This is a keeper! They are not too soft or hard and they have the right amount of sweetness to them. Those tiny bits of nuts were so satisfying under the teeth! 

Catherine, @hellosubscription


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