Why We Love Crowdfunding

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Since we started Manna Nutrition, we have raised over 50,000 liters of clean water for families and children in developing countries (more on that here).

I say “we” because truly, it was you. Our supporters. We couldn’t have done it without you, and we are so grateful.

But how did we do it?

Through crowdfunding.

In 2013 alone, crowdfunding raised an estimated $5.1 billion (source). How incredible is that? And it’s only grown since then!

We love crowdfunding because it creates an easy way for people to connect to causes they believe in. Whatever you’re passionate about, I guarantee there’s somebody raising money online for that cause.

A few years ago, Forbes shared why crowdfunding works, and I think it bears repeating here...

Convenience. For entrepreneurs, you skip the venture capital meeting or the loan application. What a relief! For both supporters, crowdfunding creates a simple way to connect to a cause you’re passionate about. Much like how Lyft and Uber are the next evolution of taxis, crowdfunding is a new and exciting way to both fund and get funded.

Reduces risk for both parties. Sounds good, right? A successful crowdfunding campaign validates your idea and shows that there is a real interest in it. Because of this, it’s a less risky investment for all involved! Plus, when you support Manna Nutrition, you get to taste our delicious whole-food bars and donate to an important cause.

We believe in the power of crowdfunding because we’ve seen what it can do.

With your help, our Kickstarter raised over $15,000 and 50,000L of clean water. And we’re not done yet! We recently launched a second campaign on Indiegogo. Check it out here to find out how you can support Manna Nutrition and our goal of donating 1,000,000L of clean water this year.

Watch our Indiegogo campaign video below!

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